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Fred Wants To Run

September 6, 2007

Yesterday during the GOP Presidential Debate from New Hampshire, Fred Dalton Thompson ran a pre-announcement commercial on Fox News that amounted to him saying see my website for my official announcement tomorrow. This was followed by an appearance last night on the Jay Leno show where he announces that he is running. Today, on his […]

Movin’ On Up… Like The Jeffersons?

September 3, 2007

Do you remember in high school when you needed to think about what you were going to be when you graduated?  Whether to go to college, trade school, or work?  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  We were filled with an overwhelming fear and excitement of what the future might hold.  The purpose was to identify our likes and […]

Oh What a Tangled Web He Weaves

August 21, 2007

Mitt Romney, GOP hopeful and former Massachusetts Governor, is trying to sneak something else by the voters concerning his record on immigration. Romney released a radio ad attacking “sanctuary cities” and illegal immigration giving the image that he will be tough on enforcing the border and on law and order.  He also mentions New York […]

Arizona — A Sheep State?

August 16, 2007

Governor Janet Napolitano is now considering a move of the primary date from Februrary 26th to February 5th to still remain in harmony with the national parties while also joining other states like California and New York to make it a Super Dee Duper Tuesday. Janet and company are recognizing the fact that Arizona is not getting the […]

Big, Big, Big

August 15, 2007

“Man is not free unless government is limited.”  Ronald Reagan Bob Robb pens a decent piece today on the departure of Karl Rove and his tenure with President Bush.  Recounting the goals and the policy agenda of the Bush presidency, Robb sums it up in one phrase: Bush wanted to create such a majority by […]

McCain Supports Property Rights Or Does He?

August 13, 2007

I just read some remarks that Senator McCain gave to The Cedar Rapids Rotary Club on Monday, August 6th that has me a bit perplexed. The speech was chock full with historical bits, quotes from the Founding Fathers retracing the connection between liberty and the private ownership of property, references from the Kelo decision, and common sense. Yet, one very important […]

Thompson Backs Out

August 13, 2007

  I am not talking about Fred. Former Wisconsin Governor and Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson has officially ended his pursuit as President of the United States after disappointing numbers in the Iowa Straw Poll and low campaign donations.


August 10, 2007

   A hearty congratulations and a tip of the grande no foam hazelnut latte is due to our “beloved” Senator John McCain for only missing 8 out of 24 roll call votes for the month of August — thus far! You are on a roll, Senator.  Keep it going!

Ol’ Flip Romney At It Again

August 10, 2007

This story points out that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is active and engaged in trying to sway supporters in the Iowa straw poll this weekend. Some Iowans are irritated with Romney for trying to (or at least giving the perception) buy votes.  Regardless of the money being spent, Governor Romney is giving his all, out […]