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Napolitano Pays Back the Unions

Gimme that money

I just got this press release from Arizonans In Action, a new 501 c4 organization.  I don’t know much about them but according to their website, their issues are my kind of issues.

Anyway, their press release was about the Napolitano executive order allowing government employees to “meet and confer” with department heads of government agencies.  Essentially, this opens the door for union organizing within state government. 

The part that I though most interesting was how Napolitano did it.  She has less than a month left to her administration here in Arizona yet she chose to issue an executive order, before Christmas when no one is paying attention, as opposed to making it a legislative priority in her tenure as governor.  Me thinks something stinks. 

I think that if we look below the surface we will find that much like the corrupt guv in Illinois, something shifty is going on with Janet and the unions.


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