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Harry Is Getting Challenged — Ogsbury Update


Jim Ogsbury, candidate for Congressional District 5 against Harry Mitchell, has his website up.  He has posted his full announcement speech and his reasons why he is running.  Getting rid of Harry should be enough of a reason.


3 Responses to “Harry Is Getting Challenged — Ogsbury Update”

  1. Thank heaven that Jim Ogsbury is taking on Mitchell. A pox on Mitchell and everyone who supports his leftist agenda. With Ogsbury in the race, Mitchell might as well change his name from “comb over” to “one and out.”

  2. Hopefully, Jim will be able to raise the money needed to get his message of limited government to the voters of Arizona-5. Jim knocked on my door and we talked about the issues facing Arizona. I found Jim to be a good listener and highly intelligent. This young gentleman has some great ideas about how to cut government spending, namely, to give them less funds in the appropriations process! I hope anyone who reads this will make an effort to meet Jim. I look forward to the debates and making a final decision about who is our best chance against Harry Mitchell, a man who has lost his way in Washington.

  3. Is this the same Ogsbury that i’m seeing every where? Heard he’s been knocking on doors and making calls…I like that. Seems to be the “walking man” for district 5…

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