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Fred Wants To Run


Yesterday during the GOP Presidential Debate from New Hampshire, Fred Dalton Thompson ran a pre-announcement commercial on Fox News that amounted to him saying see my website for my official announcement tomorrow.

This was followed by an appearance last night on the Jay Leno show where he announces that he is running.

Today, on his website, Fred makes it official.

First, I watched a bit of Fred’s time on Leno and could not help feeling bored.  He just didn’t seem like he had any fire-in-the-belly that we are all looking for in our leaders.  This may just be his style — a humble approach — but it came off as disinterested.

Second, I did watch his entire announcement on his website and do feel somewhat better about his desire to run.  I am not excited about his campaign but at least a get a sense that he is not just doing it because he has nothing else to do.

I noticed too that he has announced his grassroots tour beginning with an appearance in Iowa then onto New Hampshire followed by South Carolina.

Here is something that I want to put out there to Fred.  Fred, I am not excited about the current host of Republicans out there.  I like some of things that are “said” but none have a clear plan nor do they inspire me to get involved with their campaign.

If you want my vote, you have to earn it.  Here is my list of wants:

I want a leader, a real leader. 

I want limited government. 

I want less taxes, less government agencies, less government spending. 

I want less government regulation.

I want judicial nominees that interpret the Constitution not make laws.

I want the protection of human life.

I want a safe and secure country free of threats to our national security from domestic and international groups.

I want a border fence — now.

I want liberty and freedom preserved for my family so that my children don’t have to read about what liberty was in history books.

And, if you are looking for any further information what I want for our country, feel free to email me.  I would be glad to help.

One further note, take a stand and promote a grand vision.  I have watched the other candidates only respond to questions at the Presidential debates.  I want the problems of today handled and the groundwork for tomorrow in place.

I am just one man, with one voice, and one vote but my one vote does make a difference.


2 Responses to “Fred Wants To Run”

  1. what a picture. NN how can you resist the glowing charm of this first family to be. I know you’re critical, but are you getting skeptical out there in the desert that is AZ? Keep up the good work!

  2. I am just keeping it real. I don’t think that I am being over the top with my criticisms and I even gave a bit of a compliment that he picked up his energy. Yet, we haven’t seen anything from him to date. As they say, at this moment, he is more hat than cattle.

    Do I think he is better than most of the other candidates? Sure I do.

    Is that saying much? No it’s not.

    If Fred wants to win he has to not only be real but also be a real leader.

    I just hope that he is the man that everyone says that he is.

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