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Movin’ On Up… Like The Jeffersons?


Do you remember in high school when you needed to think about what you were going to be when you graduated?  Whether to go to college, trade school, or work?  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  We were filled with an overwhelming fear and excitement of what the future might hold.  The purpose was to identify our likes and dislikes, our interests, hopes, and dreams.

Well, it looks like Janet has been taking a trip down memory lane.

As she looks toward the future, Guvna’ Janet Napolitano has her eyes set on expanding government, increasing taxes, and regulating freedom on the federal level too.  The Phoenix Business Journal reports that Napolitano has launched The Competitive Edge PAC, a federal political action committee as she considers a run for the United States Senate in 2010.

It has already raised, according to the article, $41,600 from Democrat donors in Arizona, California, and Nevada with another scheduled fundraiser on September 19th hosted by Lewis & Roca, LLP attorney Mary Ellen Simonson.  Most of the donations thus far has come from real estate investors and lawyers from California but also include contributions from Citigroup, Inc., the International Association of Firefighters, and the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Association.

The spin from Competitive Edge PAC is that this is an effort to seek out and support candidates that are in line with the agenda of Governor Napolitano.  Others are saying that this is the clearest signal that Napolitano has higher aspirations. 

Our friend and candidate for Congressional District 1 Sydney Hay had this to say:

“This appears to me to have everything to do with a future Senate run.”

“When it comes to business, it would be great if she could help her party at the federal level to understand that they — and far too many Republicans — spend too much, tax too much, regulate too much and litigate too much.”

News of the formation of The Competitive Edge PAC comes on the heels of the Arizona Republic story that the Governor’s popularity is growing and would beat out Senator John McCain in race for the United States Senate seat.  Of course this is all premature considering that a possible race is 3 years away and that the Arizona Republic is another liberal cheerleader for Napolitano.  Let us remember that McCain is not the favorite of Arizonans including The Critical Arizonan.

But, a serious consideration must be made too as to whether Senator McCain will even seek another term.  I am sure that other Republicans will have something to say about Napolitano getting that seat when and if McCain steps down.

There is also wide speculation that Janet Napolitano might be the next Janet Reno (as in Attorney General not necessarily the other stuff) and  is in consideration for a cabinet appointment if a Democrat wins the United States Presidency. 

The Critical Arizonan will keep a watchful eye on Governor Napolitano as she considers her next moves and will report back as things develop.


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