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Oh What a Tangled Web He Weaves


Mitt Romney, GOP hopeful and former Massachusetts Governor, is trying to sneak something else by the voters concerning his record on immigration.

Romney released a radio ad attacking “sanctuary cities” and illegal immigration giving the image that he will be tough on enforcing the border and on law and order.  He also mentions New York City as a sanctuary city, a slap at Rudy Giuliani.

But Mitt has a bit of a problem.  During his tenure as Governor, Cambridge (the fair city that is home to Harvard) declared itself a “sanctuary city”.  (Here is another updated article on its renewal status.)  Romney, Mr. Tough on Illegals, did nothing about this in his own backyard.  So, what gives Mitt?

After this brief recollection, I began doing some research and chanced upon a posting at Reason Magazine’s Hit and Run Blog.  Phil Klein of the American Spectator, c/o David Wiegel, notes that two additional cities in Massachusetts also declared their “sanctuary” status — Orleans and Somerville.

Once again, I ask myself…

“Self, where is Wonder Mitt, Champion of Border Enforcement and Scourge to Illegal Immigrants Everywhere, to do something, to right the wrong, and bring justice?”

A press release, press conference, statement, appearance, cutting off of funds, something — but alas, nothing.

Hmm, me thinks Romney is all hat and no cattle and that hat might be a dunce cap on immigration. 


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