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Mayor Gordon and Phoenix City Council Uses Scare Tactics


In today’s Arizona Republic there is a piece on Proposition 3 which Phoenix voters will have the chance to consider on September 11th.  Proposition 3 would lift the spending limits already in place to allow Phoenix to set its own spending limits.

The problem is that the current budget for Phoenix is $3.3 billion.  Phoenix must cut $1.1 billion in spending if Propostion 3 does not pass.  So, what do you think the Mayor and City Council do to encourage public support — they scare voters:

If it doesn’t pass, we would have to cut services including public safety,” Councilman Greg Stanton said. “So it’s critical that it pass.”

Of course — the ol’ cut the police, teachers, and fire services trick. 

Yet, Tom Jenney, our friend at the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers, instructs Mayor Gordon and the Phoenix City Council on how to keep police on the streets and even increase their funding while still following the spending limit formula starting with cutting non-essential programs and services.

“Mayor Gordon and the City Council have been wasting our taxpayer dollars on silly programs – including a $100 million corporate welfare handout to a big developer,” Jenney wrote in a ballot argument, referring to the city’s subsidy to the CityNorth project in north Phoenix. “Phoenix needs to get back to the basics, and put public safety first.”

Mayor Gordon and City Council members, this is called prioritizing and budgeting.  We real people must actually account for our income/expenses, figure out the things we need, and live within our means.  You in government have more of a responsibility to do so because it is not your money.

Tom’s got a great primer over on his website on Proposition 3. 

I encourage you, if you support limited government or even just common sense, to vote NO on Proposition 3.


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