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Harry’s Getting Challenged…


It looks like freshman Democrat Congressman Harry Mitchell aka “Comb-Over” (Congressional District 5) is getting an official Republican challenger according to The Business Journal of Phoenix.

Jim Ogsbury has thrown his hat into the ring, announcing that he will be seeking office against Mitchell focusing on border security and fiscal/economic conservatism.  He is no stranger to Capitol Hill with his experience as a Congressional Staffer (including committee work) as well as lobbyist for business interests.

“I’ve got a good deal of experience around Capitol Hill,” said Ogsbury.

However, thanks to AZ Gnat over at the Sonoran Alliance  (which is a link to Random Musings), there is concern about where Ogsbury’s allegiance is considering his campaign contributions to the Democrats.  Check out the link over at the Sonoran Alliance to see where these donations went.

There are still additional candidates that are weighing the decision whether to challenge Harry.  David Schweikert, Maricopa County Treasurer, has been widely speculated as running for this spot too.  I am not sure if Schweikert has made it official yet or if he will at all.

As I learn of more names that make it official, I will certainly pass them along to you.


3 Responses to “Harry’s Getting Challenged…”

  1. Mitchell’s comb-over hairstyle is spooky, but what scares me more is his roll-over and bark like a dog loyalty to Nancy Pelosi and her San Francisco style liberal politics. Jim Ogsbury has shown that he has the independence, knowledge, and experience to represent the people of Arizona’s 5th Congressional district rather than jump through hoops, roll-over, and pant like Mitchell does when Nancy and the libs offer up a doggie-biscuit.

  2. […] Ogsbury, candidate for Congressional District 5 against Harry Mitchell, has his website up.  He has posted his full announcement speech and his reasons why he is […]

  3. Ogsbury is walking the district, connecting to the voters. Bet Mitchell hasn’t ever done that. It’s a race between walking man Ogsbury versus a/c all-day Mitchell…go Ogs, go!

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