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Arizona — A Sheep State?


Governor Janet Napolitano is now considering a move of the primary date from Februrary 26th to February 5th to still remain in harmony with the national parties while also joining other states like California and New York to make it a Super Dee Duper Tuesday.

Janet and company are recognizing the fact that Arizona is not getting the attention for their primary that it once did and this is causing concern.

“The governor’s primary objective is to have Arizona make the biggest impact on the presidential election as possible,” said Noah Kroloff, Napolitano’s deputy chief of staff. “How do we make Arizona’s voice the loudest?”

Yet, if they join the fray, the results will be so minute in comparison to the other states already scheduled to have their primary on this date.  This would render Arizona’s primary decisions as pointless.  On the flip side, if the date remains past February 5th, the primaries may already be decided.

This leaves Napolitano with quite the quandry doesn’t it.  To further complicate her decision, Democrat strategists are now calling Arizona a swing state.

The cold hard truth may be that Arizona is just not important until the candidates are chosen after the primary. 


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