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Is Renzi Close to Making a Decision?


Has anyone seen or heard from Rick Renzi?

Arizona Congressman Rick Renzi (Congressional District 1) has been very quiet this past month.

Renzi, under federal investigation for a land swap deal as well as another investigation whether he proposed legislation to benefit the company of his father, submitted his annual financial disclosure form on Monday after asking and receiving 2 deadline extensions to file.

However, this is not the reason that I ask my question nor is it the real story.  In truth, all of Arizona is waiting on Congressman Renzi’s decision whether he will retire or seek reelection in November 2008.  The decision is expected to come sometime this month.

A recent story on his campaign war chest shows that his donations are shrinking and his campaign is carrying over $400,000 in debt.  Renzi, nor his staff, responded to inquiries by the media outlet. 

Part of the reason for his low campaign donations is due in part to Congressman Renzi stepping down from his committee assignments while the investigation is being carried out by federal authorities. 

Democrat challengers are lining up and are beginning to salivate at the prospect of gaining another seat in the Arizona Congressional Delegation.  Former State Representative Ann Kirkpatrick, former TV reporter Mary Kim Titla, 2006 Senatorial Candidate Jim Pederson, and AG Terry Goddard (Hat Tip to Greg Patterson over at Espresso Pundit) are among some of the names considering the run for Renzi’s seat.

In fact, the D’s are already working the historically conservative district with voter registration drives.

The GOP, too, is waiting to know what he plans to do.  There has been a lot of talk about possible candidates including State Representative Bill Konopnicki, former State Senate President Ken Bennett, State Senator Tom O’Halleran, State Corporation Commissioner Kris Mayes, and former challenger for the Renzi seat Sydney Hay.

GOP strategists claim they have a plan but they have kept it close to the vest.  This is obviously due in part on waiting on Renzi and also who actually walks the path to candidacy.

There are lots of other folks considering a run but too many to mention.

In the meantime, I will remain on the Renzi Watch and will report here when any new information breaks.


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