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McCain Supports Property Rights Or Does He?


I just read some remarks that Senator McCain gave to The Cedar Rapids Rotary Club on Monday, August 6th that has me a bit perplexed.

The speech was chock full with historical bits, quotes from the Founding Fathers retracing the connection between liberty and the private ownership of property, references from the Kelo decision, and common sense.

Yet, one very important question remains about Senator McCain’s position on private property rights.  Where was Senator McCain’s support for Arizona’s Proposition 207 in the 2006 election cycle?  It’s his home state!

Proposition 207 was the answer to Kelo that McCain rails against in his speech.  It protects homeowners, business, and churches against eminent domain abuse and regulatory takings.

It was an issue not only talked about in Arizona, but one case about governmental abuse even became nationally known.

Other Arizona Congressmen responded to the call and gladly spoke  in support and gave their endorsment of this initiative which did pass with 65% of the vote and without losing a county.

It seems to me that it would not only be a clear illustration of his support for liberty and private property but also politically smart considering polls suggest (as he brings in his speech) that Americans clearly understand that the Kelo decision was a trampling on their rights to ownership.

But why the silence from Senator McCain if he holds private property rights as a sacred right inherent in liberty?  Does he not truly believe in the right to private property and this speech served only as an opportunity to give red meat to GOP supporters in Iowa? 

 Hmmm… makes you wonder what kind of President he really would be.


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