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Is the GOP Pendulum Swinging Back?


 Our friend and Arizona GOP Chairman Randy Pullen posted on his blog an update from National Committeeman Bruce Ash on the meetings that took place recently at RNC National Headquarters.

In this posting, Ash reminisces…

“Having just returned from my first RNC meeting a few days ago I am even more energized than usual that we are Republicans for a reason. We believe in –

– Lower Taxes
– Greater Opportunity
– Limited Government
– National Security”

Unfortunately, the GOP has forgotten about what they believe in recent years.  Let’s take it from the top…

  • Lower Taxes — Well, generally speaking, it is a mixed bag.  Here in Arizona, there are sparks of hope and despair.  The recent budget efforts were an illustration of this as the war raged between the AZ House and AZ Senate.  Lower taxes are great but let us not also forget about cutting spending too. 

This is also accurate for the federal government with the increase of earmarks, spending, lack of financial oversight and accountibility, new fees, and occassionally the minute tax cut.

  • Limited Government — Let’s be honest with ourselves folks.  Government has grown and will continue to grow unless Republicans get serious about wanting to limit government.  This is evident both nationally and locally.
  • National Security — This too is a mixed bag of efforts that are true to form while there are many issues that remain a threat to our nation. 

For example, it wasn’t too long ago that some of our federal Republican leaders were trying to pass an immigration amnesty bill.  Fortunately for us it did not pass.  At face value it appears that it is a separate issue yet the fence along the border is still not complete.  In fact, it wasn’t until after the vote that significant progress was made to install it.

Also, it needs to be noted that just throwing money around to government agencies like the colossal behemoth the Department of Homeland Security as well as state budgets does not guarantee safety.  We need to put our focus on doing what is we are setting out to do — protecting our nation and her interests.

There is a bit of hope.  Military recruiters are mostly hitting their monthly quotas to keep us strong, well-trained, and safe despite many years of defunding and shrinking numbers. 

Let us just hope that the Republicans all get a taste of the old magic that they used to have just like Bruce Ash has now.

Mr. Ash, later in his update, gives credit to Randy for his leadership and working with the grassroots to put forward a resolution on illegal immigration…

The first (see detail) dealt with immigration enforcement and was introduced by our AZGOP Chairman Randy Pullen. The passage of Chairman Pullen’s resolution with overwhelming support is a great victory for the grassroots of our party and a clear message that is already proving to have broad implications as Congress is giving further consideration to border security.

Kudos to our chairman for his courage and foresight in sponsoring this resolution. As a further bit of insight for our Arizona Republican activists – Mr. Pullen is a respected leader within the RNC ranks. The other members look to him for leadership on this and many other important issues. Randy Pullen represents our Arizona values and the interests of our grassroots activists with skill and integrity. When you see him the next time I hope you will thank him for his representation.

I have to agree.  Randy Pullen has taken quite a few hits from the Arizona GOP establishment, yet, despite all of this, he has rallied the grassroots base, reinvigorated the volunteers, and has brought a bit of hope after the gloomy elections of 2006.  Only time will tell what legacy he will leave for the 2008 elections.


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