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Great post on the investigations on Andrew Thomas.  Check out the post on our friend’s blog IC Arizona:

Maricopa County Andrew Thomas

Final bar investigations dismissed against County Attorney Thomas: Freedom of Speech wins



Gimme that money

I just got this press release from Arizonans In Action, a new 501 c4 organization.  I don’t know much about them but according to their website, their issues are my kind of issues.

Anyway, their press release was about the Napolitano executive order allowing government employees to “meet and confer” with department heads of government agencies.  Essentially, this opens the door for union organizing within state government. 

The part that I though most interesting was how Napolitano did it.  She has less than a month left to her administration here in Arizona yet she chose to issue an executive order, before Christmas when no one is paying attention, as opposed to making it a legislative priority in her tenure as governor.  Me thinks something stinks. 

I think that if we look below the surface we will find that much like the corrupt guv in Illinois, something shifty is going on with Janet and the unions.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I am sorry about the long hiatus from posting.  However, as part of my New Year’s resolution, I have decided to begin posting regularly again.



Republican candidate for the 1st Congressional District Sydney Hay has launched her campaign website as seeks to replace the open seat vacated by Rick Renzi.

Sydney’s website is a shell right now but you can certainly volunteer for her campaign or make a donation.



I have not forgotten one bit of this day, even 6 years later. 

I recall where I was, what I was doing, how I heard, my emotions, and my thoughts.  It is as real to me today as it was when it happened.

I changed on that day — for the better — and resolved that I would do everything that I could to make our great country even better and safer in whichever way that I could.

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims, our leadership, our soldiers, our families, and our citizens on this day. 

May God continue to bless the United States.

I have not forgotten, have you?



Arizona Senate President Tim Bee has been busy recently and drawing some attention.

Earlier this summer, Bee headed east to meet with the Republican Party leadership to discuss the possibility of a run for the 8th Congressional District seat currently occupied by Gabrielle Giffords.  Apparently, he drew quite a bit of attention here in Arizona and the party leadership liked what they saw.

Since then, Bee has also made a decision — to file paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to form an exploratory committee for this possible run.

Tim Bee has been given favorable ratings amongst its members from both sides and both parties of the Arizona legislature finding him easy to work with, etc.

But, now it appears that the gloves are off and a fight is brewing in the Democrat camp.  Upon his announcement and the launching of his website (with nothing on it mind you), Marie Weeg, Executive Director of the Arizona Democratic Party had this to say according to the Arizona Capitol Times:

“What Tim Bee says and what he does are completely different things.”

“These tactics are a dishonorable way to kick off a campaign for the U.S. Congress.  they’re just part of an emerging pattern of Bee’s deliberately misleading behavior.”

Yet, Bee has made it clear that he is still seeking whether a run for Congress is even a viable option preferring to wait and see if the support is there and positive for his likely campaign.

“It’s in the very early stages but I have been contacting people and so far the responses have been very positive.”

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is wasting no time building up her campaign war chest in preparation for a challenge by Bee.  The FEC has noted that her cash on hand as of June 30, 2007 was close to $1 million and the rumors continue that she has been fundraising since then.

Here is the take of The Critical Arizonan — they got nothing and they are scared.  The best that they can do is complain that he has filed papers for an exploratory committee to consider a run for Congress.  That is weak.  Here are the facts…

  • They aren’t attacking him on the issues nor submitting a plan for the future.  All that they are saying is empty rhetoric.
  • They are clearly amassing as large a war chest as they can before he makes his decision.  Sounds like someone is motivated by fear.

Stay tuned as we keep tabs on this race.



Patriots quarterback Tom Brady(12) fires a pass during the second quarter of the Patriots season opener against the New York Jets at Giants Stadium on September 9, 2007.

Keith Nordstrom

 I would question my dedication to the greatest NFL football team if I did not even mention their tremendous victory over the NY Jets this weekend with the final score 38-14.

Though I did not see the game, I checked the review of the game and some sports columnists and both indicated that the Patriots looked good… real good. 

The nice thing is that they weren’t even at full strength with Rodney Harrison out as well as Richard Seymour.

We are just one game closer to another SuperBowl victory!



“Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s get ready to rumble!”

You can almost see Don King dressed to the nines sitting along ringside cackling away at the entertainment.

As was reported by the Associated Press today, State Representative Russell Pearce has announced the official formation of his Congressional Campaign Exploratory Committee seeking Arizona’s 6th Congressional District occupied by fellow Republican Congressman Jeff Flake.

Pearce has also launched his campaign website.

For a good analysis on this race, please visit The Critical Arizonan’s friend, Greg Patterson over at Espresso Pundit.



Jim Ogsbury, candidate for Congressional District 5 against Harry Mitchell, has his website up.  He has posted his full announcement speech and his reasons why he is running.  Getting rid of Harry should be enough of a reason.



Yesterday during the GOP Presidential Debate from New Hampshire, Fred Dalton Thompson ran a pre-announcement commercial on Fox News that amounted to him saying see my website for my official announcement tomorrow.

This was followed by an appearance last night on the Jay Leno show where he announces that he is running.

Today, on his website, Fred makes it official.

First, I watched a bit of Fred’s time on Leno and could not help feeling bored.  He just didn’t seem like he had any fire-in-the-belly that we are all looking for in our leaders.  This may just be his style — a humble approach — but it came off as disinterested.

Second, I did watch his entire announcement on his website and do feel somewhat better about his desire to run.  I am not excited about his campaign but at least a get a sense that he is not just doing it because he has nothing else to do.

I noticed too that he has announced his grassroots tour beginning with an appearance in Iowa then onto New Hampshire followed by South Carolina.

Here is something that I want to put out there to Fred.  Fred, I am not excited about the current host of Republicans out there.  I like some of things that are “said” but none have a clear plan nor do they inspire me to get involved with their campaign.

If you want my vote, you have to earn it.  Here is my list of wants:

I want a leader, a real leader. 

I want limited government. 

I want less taxes, less government agencies, less government spending. 

I want less government regulation.

I want judicial nominees that interpret the Constitution not make laws.

I want the protection of human life.

I want a safe and secure country free of threats to our national security from domestic and international groups.

I want a border fence — now.

I want liberty and freedom preserved for my family so that my children don’t have to read about what liberty was in history books.

And, if you are looking for any further information what I want for our country, feel free to email me.  I would be glad to help.

One further note, take a stand and promote a grand vision.  I have watched the other candidates only respond to questions at the Presidential debates.  I want the problems of today handled and the groundwork for tomorrow in place.

I am just one man, with one voice, and one vote but my one vote does make a difference.